New Haven residents believe dogs are being given rat poison

NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – A number of dogs in one New Haven neighborhood have become violently ill.

Now, their owners think someone is purposely using rat poison to make them sick.

There are signs on Clark Street saying two dogs became ill, but that number is changing.

Owners who spoke to Channel 3 believe it’s now four dogs that were poisoned.

Police are now involved.

“I woke up one morning and there were pools of blood around the house. It looked like my dog had thrown up blood,” said Thomas Kadri.

Kadri said his Labradoodle “Popover” first got sick in May.

“I took him straight into the animal hospital and they told me he had massive internal bleeding, his lungs were filled with blood. Thankfully, he recovered almost as quickly as he got sick, but they said all the symptoms were consistent with rat poisoning,” Kadri said.

Kadri said his dog’s levels were still off during a check-up last month, and he heard another neighbor’s dog got sick too.

So, he put up signs throughout his Clark Street neighborhood.

Kadri said the dogs first got sick after eating cat food that was left out in the backyard, but last week, he said he came across something else that raised his suspicions.

“I found about 15 of these weird balls that look like cookie dough, filled with these bright orange specs. Could be rat poisoning, we don’t know. Often, rat poisoning is things like bright colors, but they were just littered around the backyard,” Kadri said.

Dave Valentino said his dog is at the vet’s office now, with a $4,000 bill. Fortunately, he said he has dog insurance.

“This is one of the best neighborhoods I’ve ever been to. It’s a wonderful place to live, so it’s unfortunate,” Valentino said.

Valentino is wondering if someone is throwing the poison over the fence.

“It’s definitely targeted because it started in June, not it’s July. Four dogs have been affected in the same little neighborhood, so it’s got to be something,” Valentino said.

The owners just want this to stop, and they want who ever is behind it to be held accountable.

Police were out there to take a report.

They also took the food items that were discovered in the yard, so they could be tested.

The dog owners said they’re trying to get access to security camera footage from the apartment building to hopefully give them clues into who is doing this.

A GoFundMe has been started for the dogs that were poisoned. Click here to help the dogs.

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