Mistakes To Avoid When Screening Potential Renters

Screening potential renters for your vacant apartments for rent in new haven is considered amongst important areas of managing rental properties. If you make any mistakes here then it will cost you regarding rents, losing good renters, property damage, and immense personal stress. To take all that stress out of the equation, make sure to avoid these common mistakes while you are screening your potential renters.

Many landlords often use a verbal application rather than written ones. Even though it’s a common thing but many people rent their apartments out only after interviewing their prospective renters. When there is no written contract, you can expect things to get ugly. If your apartment is rented to some undesirable tenant on a verbal contract and you want to get him evicted, there won’t be any evidence you could present at your court hearing. So, it is always better to have things in writing before you agree on renting apartments in new haven out to prospective renters. It’s a good idea to get an application form designed and have your prospective renters fill out that application form before you even consider renting your apartment out to them.

Another mistake is to believe that everyone who comes up with references is telling the truth all the time. “Due Diligence” should always be done when you are checking references, particularly employment references. You may choose to call the current landlord of a tenant for getting to know what exactly they feel about them. However, you should keep it in mind that any landlord willing to kick out his tenant won’t possibly say anything wrong about them so that they could get their property evicted as soon as possible. So, it is a good idea to reference check with previous landlords instead of current ones. You can expect them not to lie and come up with the truth about their past tenants.

When giving apartments for rent, many landlords do not ask for anything like identity proof. It’s important because if someone is not willing to share their identification, then they’d probably be doing it for some reason. So, you should dig into it and find out more about them so that you may not end up renting your apartment to someone untrustworthy. It is also advisable to ask who is going to live with your prospective tenants in the apartment.

Finally, you should also be aware of people who say that they’re renting apartments on behalf of someone else. Make sure that you do not rent out the apartment unless you know who they are renting for. Meet with the exact person who will be living in the apartment and who you will be dealing with. It will help you avoid many unforeseen problems, and you will have a better experience as a landlord.

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